Horoscope february 1 cancer

This is a time for self-care and other health-directed choices.

Cancer - February 1, 2016 - Weekly Horoscope

Couples may be inspired to get in shape together or bond on a deeper level over a home project that blends both of your tastes and talents. Minding the details can bring even more integrity to your relationship. Passionate Mars is making its biennial visit to Libra and your foundational fourth house until November This can ratchet up your emotions, making you more thin-skinned and sensitive than usual.

Catch yourself before you let any knee-jerk reactions hijack your better judgment. Luckily, this cycle also brings a strong surge of heart-centered energy. Cupid arrives in the second half of the month, bedecked in holiday lights and carrying a bushel of mistletoe. On November 19, lusty Mars blasts into Scorpio and your passionate, pleasure-seeking fifth house until January 3. A simmering connection can heat up, and solid couples will want to dress up and have frisky fun together.

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The festive season will be colored by your strong emotions, and your magnetism and sex appeal will be off the charts! Single Crabs will be feeling extra feisty and in the mood for love. Seek with sincerity and you will find! Flirt and laugh up a storm and shoot a few sultry gazes across the room. For some Cancers, a holiday-timed proposal or another major step will be as much in the air as the cinnamon-scented candles. Breathe it in! Move mellowly throughout your day?

Weekly Horoscope

Probably not, thanks to a simmering brew of tension between these two charged-up planets in your interpersonal houses. Bite thy tongue! All your biggest love days, revealed. The Sun is flitting through Scorpio and your playful, decadent fifth house until November Redesign your business cards or get some glam headshots taken for your business profiles. Catch up on a few episodes of Snowfall or head to a museum for artistic inspo. Brilliant ideas will hatch!

That could also be a welcome distraction from Mercury retrograde, a tricky transit that can foil communication, technology and travel. It can also put a damper on your most passionate projects. Stay focused and allow a daily discipline to guide you through. Feeling uninspired about a passion project? Remember why you started in the first place. How about setting up a home office? Reflect today, spend time in prayer and meditation to get in touch with your inner being. Any fears of being authentic or vulnerable will become less. You might not be sure the direction your relationship is taking and that's ok.

Sometimes love is like that. Luck is on your side, and more is coming.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

If you're hanging on to things that hold you back, ask yourself what it is and let it go. If your relationship has issues, take the time to find out where work needs to be done: in yourself, in your relationship, or perhaps in your spiritual life. You don't need your old coping mechanism. Don't use love as a weapon. There is some healing that needs to happen but you have what you need to plan seeds of love and harmony with yourself and others.

It's your destiny. There are feelings that will happen for you to step into your new role. There's a new direction for you to take right now. If you're feeling like tearing down some old patterns, you can do this now and win in love. Don't rush into anything right now. Make sure to take the time to get to know yourself and realize what it is that you need vs what it is that you want in love.

If you're starting a new relationship, take this moment to think about what you will avoid based on lessons learned in the past. You don't have to repeat history. But, right now, you can build something solid with the right person. It is recommended to carefully analyze the signs of fate which are likely to be found everywhere. You can also trust your intuition, but only when the hints received from it will not contradict logic and common sense.

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In the evening, there is a possibility for a slight indisposition. Perhaps the reason for this will be the stress that has been accumulated throughout the day. If you can, do everything to free your body from emotional overload. Playful notes will appear in the mood of Capricorns today. Current affairs will be easily forgotten in lieu of a pleasant mindset. However, this will not be the case if important meetings, negotiations, or deal-signings are scheduled for today. Fun is welcomed after all these cases will be brought to their closing. In the evening, surprises in the field of love attachments are not excluded for example, a person whom you are accustomed to as considering as just familiar may give a hint of caring emotion.

For Aquarius, this day promises to pass with a productive outcome. It is recommended to find supporters in professional and personal affairs.

Acting as a team, there is a chance to achieve much more progress in your goals. Today, aggressive behavior towards those who are weaker, less successful, older, or younger in age, is not welcome. Be nice and friendly.


Daily Horoscopes: February 1, - VICE

In the evening there is a chance to get a pleasant surprise or a gift. For many Pisces, Friday will bring fatigue. There is probably a pleasant feeling that will arise after hundreds of tasks are finished, profession and love are successful, and there is also a feeling of harmony with the world. The only unpleasant moment that may occur is a financial deficit for example, not enough money for a planned purchase.

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