Are cancer male and cancer woman compatible

He really evokes such feelings in me. I know it may be a lost cause because I'll be leaving the country in 8 months and I may get even deeper in my and his feelings and both end up hurt, but I can't admit defeat.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle

I want to know I gave it a second chance after the first time I made some mistakes. Maybe he would want to come with me :. Im a Cancer guy,falling in love deeply with this Cancer woman,I don't know how to describe,but this is the women Ive been looking for my entire life,we laugh all the time,and I swear,I die for her,If there's a person I would give my life entirely too,then it would be her,my mom,and god.

The problem is,she's in a relationship with a guy for 3 years,and love that guys so much that she's hard to let him go,shes's having problem with the other guy,because she thinks the guy isnt loving her enough,and now,her parents are forcing her to marry another guy.. Im really confused, I want her so much, I do anything for her, right now,me and her are friends, Im trying so hard to never let her know how badly I love her because I don't want to be somebody that takes someone else girlfriend,and I scare of losing her..

What should I do? I really want her! I want to marry her and be the mother of my kids! I'm interested in a Cancer man.

I myself Cancer but don't have much experience with Cancer man. I am quite sure that he is interested too but I'm not sure how to get him to be more open with me any advice? Well I am a female now engaged with to a Cancer I am also a Cancer and our birthday are right beside one another his is on July 15 mine is July 16 We know that we are young, but we've been going at since freshmen year of high school.

But there is always a trust problem that I have with him, I mean there wasn't anything that I found out it's just the thought of him being too perfect for me.

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We never argued we just cuddle all the time. I love him so much but then I act very childish and kind of looks at him as if he my dad.

Cancer Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

I listen to him I does what he says without any questioning. Don't get me wrong he's not controlling he's just so simple and I just want more from him. I know that he loves me because he went to Texas to go to college he started and everything and the king wifey I am after I finish school I was going to move out there with him then he came back to California where we live just so I wouldn't have to travel all the way out there just to be with him.

Now right then we knew that we were closer than anything and we are still going strong. But all I have to say is that if your Cancer partner is asking for more than what you are giving emotionally she or he will feel distant towards you. But if you think your Cancer partner is hiding something from you don't try to dig it out of them because then they will feel like your suffocating them and it will cause for them to rejected you and you we cancers hate to be rejected. Let them tell you when their ready to believe me it will happen, with all the emotions we go through it will come sooner or later just be prepared on whatever the hell it is.

It probley wasn't nothing at all just you being paranoid. Yes I do have a ring and any Scorpios hoes lay a hand on my man there will be some hair pulling situations I do not play with the Scorpios with mi man because they are like witches they will make your man cheat on you no lie look it up. I am a Cancer woman in a relationship with a Cancer guy, he is 7 years younger and this is practically why I spend most of my time trying to be patient with him. I feel like I had his heart at the beginning of the relationship which was 3 years ago , but I know I made a lot of mistakes through this whole time and also this mood changes that hate, he was always there no matter what I said it was like he couldn't let me go.

I love him I don't wanna loose him. When I was fifteen I met my 'cancer twin' - our birthdays are three days apart. Gradually we started talking and joking around with each other and I could tell there was something 'there. I was desperately in love with him through my teen age years but respected his decision to just be friends, although I still suspected he had feelings for me. He finally expressed this three years after me met but I got scared and backed away, not sure if I still felt the same. Off and on we remained friends for 22 years, even went to the same college and no we are closer then we ever were as kids.

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He truly is my soul mate and best friend and I feel like we understand each other better than any two people. We are very protective of one another and truly care about each other and will probably always wish that we could be more than friends, but the friendship is rewarding enough for me. I'm a Cancer male with a quirky birth chart, a grid of fire and earth swirling around the water. And after a long time scuttling around, I can say with all the certainty I've ever known I'm in love with a Cancer woman. I've spent so long being disappointed by other people. Communities that don't stick together, men that destroy instead of protect, women that prey on others shamelessly.

Cancer man and Cancer woman

I'm surrounded by others, but I've felt completely alone in thought and spirit. Astrology or not, I know myself - I'm designed to stand strong shoulder to shoulder with others. Not only have I felt betrayed, I've felt like the ground I stand on has been taken away. What's a patriot without a country? What's a body without a soul? Just an empty husk. She changed my world. She showed me the thing I felt was missing from my entire life - something worth everything to protect. She showed me who she was, behind all the smokescreens and shells. She showed me how to build hope and courage instead of clinging to it as it fails.

I look into her eyes and see something so familiar, but so different. For the first time, I don't feel threatened and challenged by someone else looking at me. She's nothing but soothing, down to the deepest parts of the self. Parts I didn't even know about. And if there's a smile curled underneath that gaze I feel higher in the air than I have climbing any mountain, flying in any plane. I love her moods. When they're high, she's more fun and encouraging than anything. When they're low, I can do what I was made for without fear - wrap her in my arms and wash away all doubt.

I've never been able to control my own emotions as well as I can with her. I'm still young, idealistic and utterly foolish. Bitter men and women who've accepted the sad state of the world are peering down their noses at every word I write, just waiting for it to come crashing down. People who've failed at love or never experienced it will laugh in the face of the single most important thing I have to say, but I can say it from deeper inside than I've ever gone.

I love you. Beyond your body, your mind, your soft giggle and your hard outer shell. I love you for the barest part of your soul, and I'd gladly give my life to keep you safe. You'll probably never read these words, and even if you do, will you know who it's from?

But it doesn't matter. You'll hear them from my lips soon enough. All I know is that I've found something that motivates me to be a better man than I've ever dreamed, and it comes in the form of a Lunar maiden. I, myself am a cancer. We kissed for the first time in the car going from a party we were both high at the time, but I believe that made it better It was just pure electrifying.

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I tell her the same exact thing. I believe she may be the one that I finally fall in love with She is so much different than any other one of my exes so far; the exact opposite in fact. She is amazing and it really feels like we were meant for each other. I dated a Cancer man for a year. He would keep to himself most of the time like me as well and would welcome any emails I sent to him but would respond immediately or a few weeks but I didn't mind the delay, as I would do it as well.

We took it slowly for first 7 months, until we decided for things to become more physical. Like one of the comments above, we were 'in sync'. We became intimate for a while, and he would ask if I would be o. First time touching him was overwhelming, but he helped me ease my way into it. To be honest, it felt right being intimate with him. However we drifted apart a month ago i personally think it was too many emails but nvm and now haven't spoken to him since for now its no contact rule , but still have occasional thoughts of him.

Now I am dating a Libra and I don't feel the vibe is there at all i cant see myself becoming intimate with him at all and can only see him as a friend. I am a Cancer woman where as the guy I'm dating is a Cancer man. First meeting him, I wouldn't have known he was a Cancer because his characteristics were so different, but now that I have gotten to know him, I can see that they are very relevant.

We are so much alike but at the same time so different. I am more moody where as he is more laid back. I think we understand each other more because we both understand our Zodiac signs. The relationship gets bumpy at times, but I wouldn't trade him for anyone else because I love the understanding and trust that we have. Your sun sign is only one piece of the puzzle for compatibility. Check your natal charts and compare Rising and Moon signs and your inner planet aspects as well.

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