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You can turn this into mone Friday at the box office or at ticketmaster. Harrison - October 7, Monumental mountain bike paths highlight lesser-known parts of state parks Arkansans already are enjoying the benefits of what has been described by Arkansas State Parks officials as the largest trail-construction project in the parks' I second that emoji, sometimes Back in , Oxford Dictionaries announced its Word of the Year, and it wasn't a word.

It was the emoji of a smiling face with tears of joy. Oxford said this e To focus anywhere else is to rob yourself of power. Don't wait for people to give you feedback or money or any sort of validation.

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Ask for what you want, request what you need, and adjust your offerings along the way until you get the response you desire. It is possible to upset yourself by judging a thing as good or bad. Ask the following: Must I judge? Who am I to judge? What would happen if I just kept going as though this were none of my business? LEO July Aug.

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Instead of jumping to the next trendy thing that has the potential to take off, hang back to see what happens. You're better off using the tools, methods and teachers that have a proven track record of success. Guilt by association is a real danger, though easily avoided by a simple decision to keep your distance from the mischievous and troubled, as loveable as they may be. This is one of those days when your purpose is clear. It calls to you, and instead of taking a roundabout journey of discovery, you need to go straight to the source of that call.

One-sided relationships are no fun. There are plenty of reciprocal situations out there to explore.

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So if a person, place or thing isn't giving you anything back for the energy you put in, keep moving. You get to decide where to place your attention. Though there are very strong influences outside and inside of you, also present will be the option to override or ignore those forces, favoring other choices. Spoiler alert: At the end of this week, you'll understand that performance matters far, far less than relationships do.

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You really can't go wrong by giving quality attention to the ones you love. Because you're curious, empathetic and open to new experiences, containing and protecting your own energy is no easy task for you. You'll have to consciously prevent it from draining in leaks and bad investments. Helping a powerful person feel good will be the best way to increase your own power. The opportunities abound. Don't ask what's needed. Perseverance is important, but so is knowing where to put it. Misplaced perseverance wastes time. Know when to pivot and when to apply the same actions to a more promising trajectory. Just get up; dust yourself off; and start fresh. LEO July Aug. Issues of territory arise. No one wants to feel cornered or manipulated. Understanding this is key to building rapport and relationships.

People sometimes stick with sunken costs out of a sense of pride or loyalty that helps no one. Some people make a hobby out of telling others what to do. Be an advocate for yourself. You can get the instruction you need without playing into weird social dynamics. Trying to make a thing too perfect will prevent it from getting finished in time. To forward your aims, you need to finish and ship the thing.