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I am an astrologist who is based in the UK. I am a specialist in birth chart and horoscope analysis. You will be surprised what my reports can tell you! Read below to find out what these readings are about, and how to download one for free.

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Please check out my FREE page to view predictive astrology readings, and much more. Why download free astrology reports? Unlike typical star sign readings, these reports take into account the Sun, Moon and planets at the time of your birth. This creates a report that is unique only to you.

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What comes naturally to you that others find difficult? Realize talents you never thought you had. However, advice is usually provided to help deal with those issues.

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Learn about potential careers your personality is suited to. If you are one of those who jump jobs, this type of report may provide you with some direction. Discover what people find attractive about you.


Find out your ideal partner. Every birth chart report is unique, because every person is! You will be surprised what these reports can tell you.

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How are these free astrology reports created? Birth chart reports use your date of birth, time of birth and location of birth. From these details the exact positions of the Sun, Moon and Planets are calculated. This data is then plotted on to a chart known as a birth chart.

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This chart is unique only to you. The positions of the Sun, Moon and Planets on this chart are then interpreted. All interpretations are written by me, Jamie Slack. What is your general path in life?

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Love and Relationships Is my current partner the best match for me? When will I meet my true love? What do people find most attractive about you? Free astrology based calculators to know about the various aspects of your birth, planetory positions, its effects etc Get your free daily horoscope reading.

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Choosing your zodiac sign from the list below or enter your date of birth. Get your detailed astrology report with indepth information about your birth timings, lucky and unlucky days and time Everything about your life, according to the rules of astrology Astrology calculations, horoscopes, charts, reading, compatibility reports and more Astrology Calculator Free astrology based calculators to know about the various aspects of your birth, planetory positions, its effects etc